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George Lee Vancouver Lawer

George Lee, MA, JD

Meet Our Founder: Mr. George Lee, A Versatile Legal and Life Expert

At the heart of George Lee Law Corp. stands our founder, Mr. George Lee, a multifaceted professional who embodies the roles of a family mediator, life coach, and award-winning author. His diverse expertise and accomplishments reflect the breadth and depth of his commitment to both the legal profession and personal development.

Recognized Legal Excellence and Multilingual Capabilities

Mr. Lee's legal acumen has been consistently recognized, with The ThreeBest Rated nominating him as a top 3 divorce lawyer, top 3 immigration lawyer, and top 3 criminal defence lawyer in Burnaby, BC. Fluent in English and Mandarin and conversant in Cantonese, Mr. Lee's linguistic skills enhance his ability to serve a wide range of clients effectively.

Academic and Professional Journey

Originally a graduate of Wuhan University in China, Mr. Lee pursued further studies in Canada, obtaining an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Calgary in 1994 and a Juris Doctor from the University of Victoria Law School in 2000. His legal career began with his call to the British Columbia Bar in January 2002. Since then, Mr. Lee has represented clients in various levels of courts and tribunals, showcasing his versatility and dedication.

Life Coaching and Personal Development

In 2015, Mr. Lee expanded his professional repertoire by completing a life coaching program at Erickson College. He was also trained by Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, becoming a certified NLP practitioner. These qualifications underscore his holistic approach to legal services, emphasizing not just legal solutions but also personal growth and empowerment.

Community Involvement and Media Presence

Mr. Lee is deeply committed to community service and equal access to justice. He volunteers for legal aid services and participates in various legal and community organizations. His insights have been sought by media outlets like AM1320 Radio Station, Fairchild TV, the Vancouver Sun, the Ming Pao, and other major newspapers, and he has appeared in documentaries discussing Canadian immigration law. 

Mentorship and Cultural Contributions

Over the past two decades, Mr. Lee has mentored numerous young lawyers, contributing significantly to the legal profession, particularly within the Chinese and Korean communities. His literary talents are evident in his award-winning novel "Dancing in the River" and his co-authored motivational book "The One Big Thing" with Brian Tracy.

Innovative Approach to Legal and Life Challenges

Mr. Lee's unique perspective on legal and life challenges led him to develop the S.W.F.T. Transformation Coaching® method. He believes in the inherent potential for success in every individual and is dedicated to unlocking this potential through his coaching.


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