Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Expert Legal Defense in Criminal Law Matters

Criminal law involves offences that are considered violations against the public, and as such, they are prosecuted by the government, represented by the Crown Counsel. Unlike civil cases, which involve private disputes, criminal offences demand a high burden of proof, with the Crown required to prove charges beyond a reasonable doubt. It's important for individuals facing criminal charges to understand their rights, including the right to remain silent and the protection against unreasonable search and seizure under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Your Rights and Our Representation

When faced with arrest or charges by the government, navigating the legal system can be daunting and complex. You should not have to face this challenge alone. At George Lee Law Corp., we are equipped to offer comprehensive legal support and representation. Our experience in dealing with prosecutors and defending cases in court is extensive, and we are committed to upholding your rights at every stage of the process.

Our approach involves a thorough examination of the evidence, a deep understanding of your rights under the law, and a strategic defence tailored to your specific case. We strive to ensure that our clients are fully informed and prepared for every step of the criminal proceedings.

Protecting Your Freedom and Future

In criminal law, the stakes are high, and the impact of a criminal charge can be life-altering. Our team is dedicated to providing a defence that protects not only your immediate interests but also your long-term freedom and reputation. We understand the nuances of criminal law and are committed to fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients.